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Convenient and Easy- Bank online from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Online Banking with Alerts

You can bank 24/7, from home, work, school, or on the road. We have all the services and apps you need to make banking as convenient, fast and easy as possible.

Here are some examples of the alerts you can set within your online banking account:

Check Cleared Notice:  Want to make sure your water bill was paid on time, simply set up this alert with the amount and the check number and receive an email when it has cleared your account.
Checking Balance Alert:   Do you have a certain amount you want your checking account to stay at or above, then set up this alert so you know if the balance ever drops below that threshold.
Consumer Loan Balance Alert:  Would you like to pay off your consumer loan balance once it reaches a certain amount, with this alert you can be notified when you reach that balance.
Mortgage Balance Alert:  Be in the know with how much you owe on your mortgage after your payment each month, set up this alert to keep you apprised of the balance.
One-Time Checking or Savings Deposit:  Are you on the lookout for a deposit, simply set up this alert with the amount you are waiting for and be alerted when it comes through.
Recurring Checking or Savings Deposit:  Would you like to be told every time your payroll comes through, then this is the alert for you. Get an email every time you get paid.
Savings Balance Alert:  Are you saving for that dream house, car or vacation, set up this alert to monitor your savings account balance.


Bill Pay and Pay People


  • Send money to anyone online or through your mobile device.

Send money securely.

The easy way to send money securely from your checking account to just about anyone with an email or mobile number. Popmoney moves money directly from bank account to bank account. And receiving money is easy- recipients don't have to have an existing Popmoney account. All they need is a bank account, email, or mobile number.

Access Popmoney from your bill payment account. Popmoney provides an easier, faster, more secure way to send money, making it just as easy to pay a person as it does to pay a bill. Sending money to others is secure and costs a nominal fee- .50 for standard delivery. You can send the money "rush delivery" for .50 more. (Total of $1.00)

Take a look at the Cheat Sheets below for help with Bill Pay and Popmoney.


Protect your identity- sign up for estatements

Getting your statements electronically helps to protect your identity. It's easy to switch to electronic statements; simply follow the steps below:

  • login to your Online Banking
  • click on Profile in the top right corner
  • under Electronic Statements click Manage Statements

Online Banking Security Tips and Best Practices:

  • Use one computer exclusively for online banking activities and a different computer to surf the web and check email.
  • Install anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other internet security software on your PC. Use it regularly and keep it updated.
  • Save frequently visited web sites in your favorites to avoid mistyping or being misdirected to illegitimate websites.
  • Use a current browser with phishing protection, web filtering, auto security update, and other safe site security.
  • Use a known search engine when unsure of a particular web site's address.
  • Do not respond to emails (or phone calls) asking for personal information such as account numbers, account info, social security number, etc. Financial institutions know this information and will never contact you to ask for your personal information.
  • Delete email from an unknown source immediately. Many email scams count on recipients to be curious and will use dramatic subject titles.
  • Do not reply or click on a link in an unsolicited email. If you receive an email that warns you that an account of yours will be shut down unless you reconfirm your personal information, contact the company cited in the email using a known telephone number or type the web site address into your browser by hand.
  • Create strong passwords- not easy to guess- using a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters. Change your passwords often.
  • Always log off completely or close your browser after you are done using online banking.
  • If you notice suspicious activity in your accounts, report it immediately.
  • Don't open emails from unknown sources and don't open any attachments they may contain. They could contain a virus that is set to activate upon opening. When in doubt, delete the message without opening it.

Credit Sense

As a customer of Community Savings Bank, you get your credit score for free.

Your credit score is more than just a number-it's a way for lenders to determine whether you are eligible for a loan, the amount of the loan, interest and your payment-important stuff when you are planning for your future.

Gain insight on establishing or rebuilding your credit, understanding your credit score and methods of reducing debt.

  • Improving your score
  • Building credit
  • Rebuilding credit
  • Educational videos from nationally-known financial expert Jean Chatzky

Credit Sense FAQ's





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